Online live classes

  • Everything a school needs to manage their school and online studies under one roof, we have integrated one of the best solution for online classes in our learning management software/school erp system

  • 1 :

    With zoom integrated in our application you don’t need to use separate apps for different tasks. Students can directly login to school branded student applications and join live classes.

  • 2 :

    Along with live classes, teachers can record the lectures and then upload through the teacher’s app and the lecture will be visible instantaneously to the students or teachers can also schedule the time of publishing.

  • 3 :

    Detailed reports can be seen by the teachers and principals of the school about the students who have seen the video and the students who have not.

  • 4 :

    Total control over what the students should see and when they need to see, and constantly monitor growth of every student.

  • 5 :

    Assignments can be published same as lectures for regular assessment. And the teacher can give remarks on it accordingly.